07 March 2008

the world wide web

Can you tell I have no time to write this week? Work insists on actually being work (what?) and because Comcast is stupid, my internet connection at home is knocked out anytime there's a strong breeze.

So to tide you over, here are some things out and about on the internet:

courtesy of my buddy Jacob, we have Catherine Hicks Online. Catherine Hicks was in several movies and shows, but you know her from 7th Heaven, the Beast That Would Not Die. Join us as we discover her feelings about 9/11, old people and National Housekeeper's Day. Sure, it's doesn't reach the opus that is MelanieGriffith.com, but Catherine does what she can.

Stuff White People Like. Are you trying to befriend that special white person in your office or classroom? This handy guide will tell you everything that white people like, so that you too can become A Friend of a White Person. Meredith sent this to me a couple of weeks ago and I check it faithfully. So far, with the exception of vegetarianism, I completely fit the bill. So embarassing.

Enjoy your Friday, internets!

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