11 March 2008

South by Southwest Preview

Erin has pressed me into service to write an entry about bands I'm looking forward to seeing at South by Southwest, which begins...tomorrow, actually. So here, in no particular order, are four of them.

The Pan I Am - Project of Ed Larrikin, formerly of Larrikin Love. The Pan I Am takes Larrikin's penchant for writing slightly twisted story-songs and transposes it from Larrikin Love's indie rock backbeat to a surreal, but still melodic backdrop of electronic sounds. Little known fact: The Pan I Am was Larrikin's second choice for a band name after record label execs declared his first choice, "The Pot I'm Not," to be "too negative" and "not fun enough." See also Vampire Weekend's original name, "Vampire Monday Morning Staff Meeting."

Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong – It’s just so fun to say! Jing Jang Jong! JING JANG JONG! Little known fact: On his rider, Joe Lean demands his dressing room be stocked with Jenga and the collected works of Jung.

Los Campesinos! - How can you not like a band that's so obviously excited about their music that they must append exclamation points to everything they do? In fact, I’ve started doing this to add excitement to my own life. You! Me! Doing the dishes! Doesn’t that sound better? Little known fact: In their spare time, Los Campesinos work to foment revolution among the underclasses in South America, using a combination of Marxist theory and synthesizers.

Hanson – To maintain my indie cred, I must point out that I was compelled to list Hanson by Erin. You see, over the past few months, we’ve become addicted to the Hanson Secrets LiveJournal community, watching it as if it was some sort of soap opera. I’m just waiting for a secret to show up with the Evil Hanson Twin. The lure of seeing the players in this little drama in the flesh is simply too strong to ignore. Plus, I can totally see if that one Hanson wife is as big of a whore as everyone says she is. Little known fact: The Hanson brothers are no longer 12.

Note: Some facts in this post may be complete lies.


Meredith said...

Have fun, Courtney! Remind Erin that she is to text me the MINUTE she flirts with Russell Brand in person.

Courtney said...

I'm afraid I'll be too busy sexing Russell myself to remind her, but we'll try!

Erin said...

we're going to hold up signs to get his attention, mere. Since Russell loves the collected works of the 1980s poet laureate, Morrissey, all the signs will be bastardizations of Smiths lyrics. "RUSSELL IT WAS REALLY NOTHING" and "HATFUL OF RUSSELL" and so on.

Courtney, I want to become the subject of a hanson secret of our own. WE MUST MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

Polter-Cow said...

See also Vampire Weekend's original name, "Vampire Monday Morning Staff Meeting."