14 March 2008

Multimedia message

All you need to know about The Wombats can be summed up aw this photo. They have a stuffed wombat on stage.


gus away from the metroplaza said...

Ha! I was trying to see this show, but couldn't wait after the line-up was pushed back. I totally weirded out a stranger by asking her if she was you. Gold.

Erin said...

ha! Was she wearing a robot shirt as well?

The show was amazing, but so freaking hot. I thought I might pass out during Los Campesinos! Then Pigeon Detectives came on and spat and sweated and sprayed water all over me, so that was cooling, if a little gross.

I've yet to decide what I'm seeing today. You?

gus away from the metroplaza said...

No robot shirt, but she was sitting with someone that I was sure was in a picture from your blog. I have absolutely no memory so I was surely way off.

Main goal for today is to try to close the festival with Tokyo Police Club at Dirty Dog. I really want to see Los Campesinos! too. 8pm will either be Tulsa at Emo's annex or another round of Monotonix (which is more for the theatrics than anything else). Day time will likely just be the Mess With Texas show or sitting around at Emo's. This afternoon is really just all about eating at Polvo's so who knows when we'll make it downtown.

I'm impossible to miss today, I'll have a red and white vertical striped shirt that says "Bimbo" on the chest. It's the home jersey for Chivas (Guadalajara soccer team).

Erin said...

Did you make it to Los Campesinos? My friend was over there. I ended up at a block party way the fuck in south austin, which was great because there was a free bar. And I got super-trashed. And thus my last day of south by was spent drinking, dancing, and only seeing four actual bands play.

gus away from the metroplaza said...

I did actually make it to see Los Campesinos at the Parish. They are seriously the happiest band I've ever seen in my entire life. Sadly, I had to leave early to try to make it to my 1am show. I too got completely smashed yesterday and only made it to three shows. By day 4 the Mugshots call is always stronger than trolling through the crowds to make it into a show.