13 March 2008

Multimedia message

This is the line to get into the npr party today. Do you think, perhaps, that headliners Vampire Weekend are just a bit popular?


gus away from the metroplaza said...

Ouch. Maybe I won't be seeing Vampire Weekend this afternoon. Do you have twitter or something? You could save me millions of hours of walking from sold out venue to sold out venue. I'm avoque on twitter.

Erin said...

Like every other internet application, I've got it and forgotten how to actually use it. But I feel you on the lines - it seems the whole of Austin are at half the venues I'm at.

gus away from the metroplaza said...

Yeah, I'm in the middle of a twitter lesson because while I figured out how to post myself, I could not for the life of me get it configured to get text updates from anyone else.

I eventually managed to get in to every show I wanted to see with the exception of Vampire Weekend, which was still rocking the crazy line just befor Bon Iver.