11 March 2008

sake + vodka = dodginess

Or so my British counterparts would say, at any rate. Last night, my friends and I went to Warehouse to see the amazing Back Door Slam and started our evening with three dollar sake carafes at Azuma downtown. This was a mistake. Not the band, obviously, or even the sake, but rather the cheerful followup of lots of vodka on a work night, when I had to wake up for work in 5 hours.

My friends, I am hung to the over. I am suffering particularly cruelly because I'm unable to participate in Erin's Hangover Cure, as it is not a weekend.

Erin's Hangover Cure is as follows: Step One: three tylenol with two ice-cold glasses of water. Step Two: Fix first of two mimosas (hair of the dog + Vitamin C!). Step Three: with mimosa in hand, step into blistering hot shower and stand under hot water, while drinking mimosa, until mimosa is finished. Step Four: consume the second mimosa along with two breakfast tacos (my perfect breakfast taco is nothing more or less than: potatoes, chorizo, mushrooms and cheese. No egg, but that's just me.). Conventional wisdom dictates that you do not make these breakfast tacos yourself, but go to the nearest greasy taco cart and order them. Step Five: two hour nap. et voila! I wake up feeling completely refreshed and totally ready to start my day around 3 pm.

Unfortunately today I've had to suffer through work and flourescent glare. Not conducive to working off a hangover of any kind. Which is why tonight I'll be going for Hangover Cure #2 - three tylenol pm and bed by 8:30 at night.

Tell me, internet, what's your hangover cure? Sharing is caring, folks.


Meredith said...

I've actually already told you this in e-mail as we commiserated miserably as to our matching hang-overs (but BDS! Rock!), but here it is for other commenters' viewing pleasure: an EmergenC, massive quantities of ice water, 2 breakfast tacos (bacon, egg, refried beans and cheese is how I roll), this amazing Detox tea made by Yogi Organic teas (this is a never fail for hang-overs, Internet, trust), and a bit of herbal refreshment.

Erin said...

You know they're going to discover next that EmergenC doesn't work, right? Speaking of, I think you're entitled to about 100 dollars in that airborne class-action suit.

gus away from the metroplaza said...

Two alleve, a giant bottle of gatorade (lemon lime), two breakfast tacos (bacon, egg, refried beans, and cheese), and two showers (all good things come in sets of three). With that recipe I'm ready for my day before the brunch mimosa happy hour ends.

On a side note, does it qualify as a breakfast taco when there aren't eggs involved?

Anonymous said...

Monkey and I have often wondered how you manage to drink mimosas whilst in the shower?

Hangover cure (the work day version): pint of water, 2 soluable codeine-based painkillers mixed with vitamin C upon waking. Pint of strong tea, two sugars. Red hot shower, if hair/body odor (usually post-gig) requires. Repeat codeine and tea, as needed, throughout day. Pub at lunchtime for grease and possible Guinness.

Erin said...

em, I am just that awesome. But I shield the champers flute from the water with my body, if you want the actual specifics.

Moody said...

I made it here because of the tag. I won't lie. My Hangover cure is a method of prevention. I have one drink at 10 and another at 12 and occasionally I will have a third before the end of the night. The next morning I awake and not a pain in my head is there. Using this method I have never had a hangover. Lame I know. I've never been that drunk before.