10 March 2008

sxsw schedule, take 12, or "okay you guys, I really mean it this time."

Right, so. I think I've got it all settled now, barring any last-minute changes or cancellations - AHEM, Robots in Disguise. I'll not be forgiving you anytime soon.



Austinist/Gothamist day party - A Place to Bury Strangers, Patterns is Movement, Liam Finn(!!), Shearwater, if I can get to that.

donewaiting.com - AA Bondy @ 3:20pm, only if I can get back in time for Liam Finn.


8 pm Simian Mobile Disco @ Antone's
9 pm These New Puritans@ Antone's
10 pm Lightspeed Champion @ Antone's
11 pm Sons & Daughters @ Antone's
1 am The Duke Spirit @ Buffalo Billiards



NPR Music day party @ The Parish

1:30pm Shout Out Louds
2:15 pm Jens Lekman
3:30 pm Yeasayer
4:15 pm Bon Iver
5 pm Vampire Weekend

5:45 pm Fader @ The Fort's Tribute to Lou Reed


8 pm Popup @ Habana Annex
9:30 pm Yo La Tengo @ AMH
11:00 pm My Morning Jacket @ AMH
12:00 am I Was A Cub Scout @ The Rio
1 am The Pan I Am @ The Rio



The Wombats
Lightspeed Champion
The Pigeon Detectives all @ Filter Party @ Cedar St.

5:30 pm Carbon/Silicon - Free YR Radio Street Broadcast

7:oo pm Duffy @ Fader @ the Fort


8 pm The Ting Tings @ Stubb's
9 pm Santogold @ Stubb's
10 pm MGMT @ Stubb's
11 pm Dr Dog @ Cedar Door
12 am Tapes n' Tapes @ Cedar Door
1 am Nada Surf @ Cedar Door



Everyone @ Mess w/ Texas Party

3 pm Scissors for Lefty @ Beauty Bar
5 pm Holy Fuck @ Beauty Bar


8 pm Oppenheimer @ Emo's Main
9 pm Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong @ Emo's Main
10 pm The Victorian English Gentlemens Club @ The Rio

And THEN my most-wanted act, Robots in Disguise, cancelled their sxsw, appearance, so I have a hole in my schedule/heart. So I'm trying to decide between

1 am Sea Wolf @ Buffalo Billiards
1 am British Sea Power @ Maggie Mae's
1 am HANSON @ Cedar Door.

I mean, can I really pass that opportunity up? I don't think I can, y'all.

- - - - - -

If you're going to sxsw, and we're crossing paths sometime this week, let me know!


Meredith said...

Woah. My work totally didn't block your comments this time! I'm slowly mastering my firewall, one website at a time.

If you go to the Hanson show, I hope you're not attacked by 16-yr-old girls who think you're there to steal their Hanson man and will later post a Hanson Secret about you: "I committed manslaughter at a Hanson show because the girl next to me was cuter than I was."

Erin said...

God, the possibility of having a Hanson secret posted about me is basically the momentum for my entire life's work, mere.

Kick your firewall's butt! Take THAT, MFAH! (not Take That, because of course your firewall does not derserve the glory of 90s power pop.)

gus away from the metroplaza said...

I think I'll be at half the shows you have listed and I'm nowhere near completing my list.

I'll keep an eye out for a girl with a sassy phlebotomy button.

Erin said...

gus, I've already started revising again. I doubt I'll have my schedule set even when I'm walking into a showcase for the night.

I will totally wear a phlebotomy button, just for you.