17 March 2008

Music Monday - Liam Finn

Can I even get away with Music Monday on the day after south by southwest? Isn't that a bit like a rehash? Well, whatever, I don't care. Let's talk Liam Finn, people, who's just released his first solo album.

Fact: I love Liam Finn. I love all Finns, I was a Crowded House fan, I've got this recording of Neil doing a cover of MJ's "Billie Jean" which is amazing and, also, covering Michael Jackson is the easiest way into my heart; basically the entire Finn family is one I want to hang out with and cook for. So you may think my love for Finn the Younger is due to his musical heritage, but I assure you that is not the case. Like snowflakes or the voices of young children at play or pure uncut columbian powder, my love for him is pure.

Why? Well, there are several reasons, which I will enumerate for you here:

1) The beard. I love beards, all scruffy and charming. I am extremely pro-facial hair on a man. And Liam's beard is amazing - both scruffy AND ginger! (Erin's Requirements for Hotness are as follows: bassist, Scottish, scruffy beard, Jewish, curly hair, ginger, and sarcastic. The more of those factors men hit, the more I'll want to shag them senseless. It is just my way. You can't fight nature.) Liam can turn his guitar into a bass and he has curly hair, so he's really hitting the upper registers on my attraction scale. He's sadly not Scottish, but he does have a charming kiwi accent, so that's something.

But, srsly, check this beard:

Don't you just sort of want to rub your fingers along his jaw and watch him purr like a cat?

2) His vocalist/harpist/munchkin basketball player, EJ, is amazing. I'm sort of in love with her as well, despite the fact that she doesn't have a beard. This is EJ:

Does she remind you a little of Summer Glau, or is that just me?

3) The music. (it does, eventually, come down to that. Even I am not so shallow.) Basically, he crafts songs using just his guitar and a lot of equipment. He lays down chords and then loops them and distorts them to build the rest of the song. Then he goes and bangs the hell out of the drums:

Also, all his equipment looks like it'd be really fun to play with, even though my brain gets crossed just thinking about all the pedals and monitors and stuff. (I would, however, have the perfect job as a roadie. I don't know shit about making music but I love running wires to things. It'd basically be like the fun of installing home stereo equipment, but as a JOB. I mean, I guess installing home stereo equipment is a job also, but that one doesn't have the same perks.) Look, he even has a joystick:

If you'd like to see exactly what I mean, check out this youtube video of Liam doing his thing:

Just ignore David making the same old lame joke about "giant cds." Shut up, Dave.

So, anyway, go out and buy his album, I'll Be Lightning.

I mean, look, he's JUMPING on the cover. Bearded AND jumping? Yes, please.

xx erin


Cat said...

I'm watching Liam Finn on the DirecTV replay. I liked the first song.

I'll have to finish him later, though, because Sia also taped, and I felt like watching her. Right now she's singing a sad song about her dog.

Erin said...

Of course she is. Later she'll paint rainbows with her tears.

Sorry, I actually don't hate Sia. But Liam is way more awesome. Sia doesn't have a beard, for one.

Meredith said...

I can attest that Erin would make an excellent roadie. She made me an amazing staff with an orb on top that lights up when you touch the staff to the ground for my Maleficent costume. I ended up winning a small bottle of Patron and a little trophy that says, "Sexiest Costume." Even though I looked utterly hideous. All due to the magic of the staff!

Erin said...

I really do need to find some job that incorporates both my lazy attitude and my need to build shit that lights up. Someone hire me!

You were the hottest Maleficent I ever saw!

Courtney said...

I like how your dad, who literally gave his blood for the project, gets no credit for the outcome.

Erin said...

eh, fuck him. He's always trying to one-up my accomplishments be bleeding over everything I do. Just cause he insists on doing the actual work because he loves me. jeez, DAD.