12 March 2008

south by so wasted, here we come

I'm off to sxsw today, so you won't see much by way of essay-type updates for the next few days, although I am going to endeavor to do a daily wrap-up, if I have the energy/sobriety to do so. But all is not lost! I've enabled mobile updating to this blog, so expect several short posts a day about the bands I've seen or the musicians I've accidentally insulted, or any rubbish celebrities I come across. (As I was telling Mere yesterday, I'm terrible at spotting actually awesome celebrities. I always run into the lame ones. Last year, it was Perez, Tom from MySpace and Joe from Girls Gone Wild. Ugh. If only I'd run into Harry Knowles, they could have formed the Douchenozzle Barbershop Quartet.)

So keep checking back throughout the day, readers, and experience the joys and agony of sxsw yourself. Through the internet.

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