12 May 2008

continuing adventures in fake hitting things

My Body Combat class continues to excel itself. Yesterday alone it had:

- a woman who worked in Lush, with glitter up her arms, who smelt delightful, and filled the whole room with candy creamy goodness. For the first fifteen minutes, and then she smelt of sweat like the rest of us.

- a jump kick routine set to a dance version of Jump by Van Halen.

- the last song, a flurry of punches, set to ' You can't stop the Beat' from Hairspray. Hardcore. (I totally came home and downloaded the song.)

Genius. Now if I could only manage to get a place in a class more than once every two months.

In other exercise news, I can now swim half a mile! Quick question though- if you were going to have a chat with a friend, why would you chose to stand in the slow lanes of the pool at the busiest time of the day? Surely there must be some other, less damp places to chat?

Please don't fooled into thinking that i am in anyway fit and healthy by the topics of this post. It's just that going to the gym is still so rare that I feel compelled to mention it each time ;-)


Meredith said...

Bravo, Anne! Exercising blows, good for you for keeping it up. Lord knows it's bathing suit season, and lord knows even though my brain knows that, my body really doesn't seem to care enough to DO anything about it.

Also, wouldn't it have been more awesome if your cardio routine had been to Jump by the Pointer Sisters? Which is now in my head even though you said Van Halen.

Finally, I reeeeally want to work at Lush. Oh, sigh, I love you, Lush.

Erin said...

My friend Jakk's got a job at Lush now, but I have yet to see any benefits by way of discounts. I must speak to her about that.

Anne, your gym adventures are so tiring. Can't we work out a way to make laying on the couch and watching Gossip Girl an exercise? I would be so super-toned.

Also - ALSO - see, everyone? I'm NOT the only person who writes for this blog. It usually only takes threats of a physical nature to get the rest of them to comply. Not Anne though, cause she could kick my ass. To the tune of Jump.

P.S. Good luck for tomorrow, Anne! I am thinking about you.

poshdeluxe said...

ha ha, i was totally confused at first, since i've only seen erin writing on this blog.

dude, this post made me miss jazzercise. don't get me wrong, i love me some elliptical machine mixed with "law & order," but i do miss my days of grapevining to shania twain.

gingerbiscuit said...

Meredith- we had sunshine here, and I had a week off work. My new found good habits are heavily linked to this. Now that the weather has broken, and I'm back at work, I'll probably be back to my usual sloth soon.

I don't think I've ever heard the Pointer Sisters version. is my life poorer because of this?

Erin- you probably could make that an exercise. My raised eyebrows (of delight!) at some of the plot points must be buring some calories.

poshdeluxe- i think i would keel over from the awesome if they used Shania Twain in my class. it would be perfect to see all the guys who come along because of the mock fighting punching away to Shania. Hee!

Erin said...

I don't think I've ever heard the Pointer Sisters version.


When your brother and I get married, we're going to have that as our first dance, and then you'll see. Oh, then you'll see.

(Also, how can you not have? It was used in a pivotal Hugh-Grant-Shakes-His-Booty scene in Love, Actually. If you're about to tell me that you've never seen Love, Actually - like Mere had not before I threatened to disown her - then I'm going to have to give serious thought to letting you stay in my bed later this year.

Erin said...

also, sarah, admit it: you were confused that I would ever do anything resembling exercise, much less blog about it.

gingerbiscuit said...

Please! I saw Love Actually the week it came out with a group of ten girls. I then since seen it on DVD, and also been to a talk by Richard Curtis. I know Love Actually.

I just thought that was Girls Aloud on the soundtrack.

Erin said...

Do you know I nearly came to blows with a total stranger a few weeks ago when he wouldn't admit that Nicola was OBVIOUSLY the prettiest member of Girls Aloud? I WILL NOT REST UNTIL PEOPLE LOVE NICOLA. This gingerism has got to stop!

(I will also not rest until Nicola learns the art of blusher, but that seems to be taking more time.)