04 April 2008

seriously, you guys. You guys. Seriously.

Hello, internet! I assure you my total blog silence has not been due to post-birthday emocakes or anything lame like that. Rather, I've just been too busy! Too busy for even the internet! I'm never too busy for the internet! That's like being too busy to eat, which is something that has never happened to me and which I cannot possibly understand. Too busy to eat? Delicious food? That's insane!

It's totally true, though; even my planner is full to bursting of ticket stubs and to do lists and my calendar for the month of April is essentially one continuous scrawl of red and purple (Always plan things in color, I say.). You should see the state of my apartment; I think you can track my entire social schedule for the past week in the trail of shoes I've left along the entryway.

I am totally going to try to sit down someday soon and blog about the 400 life changes I've had in the past week, but today is not that day. Instead, I'll be getting a free meal (those are my favorite kind) as today's my baby brother's birthday. Happy birthday, Daniel! Stop punching me in the face, please.

I don't even have anything fun on the internet to show you, because I haven't been online all week. The world could have ended, and we merely particles in an exploding sky, and I wouldn't even know. Whoa. Heavy stuff.

Check back later this weekend for (I hope)a report on Henri's birthday, my birthday, Bill's birthday and my brother's birthday, plus a true account of street thievery and the outcome of a battle royal with a crawfish (hint: Crawfish loses).

Happy Friday!


poshdeluxe said...

I LOVE WEEKS FILLED WITH BIRTHDAYS! cake and presents and silliness tasty dinners and cocktails and, if you're lucky, party hats!

you damn well better blog about yr birthday night-- i want to hear about the Mystery of the Orange Cone.

Meredith said...

I've been devotedly checking your blog every day, even though you've almost been to busy to e-mail, so I knew you had to be too busy to blog. I can't wait for the recap!


Meredith said...

ERG, too busy to e-mail. If I weren't such a ridiculous nerd, I could let that go, but I just can't.

Hilary said...

Meredith, you are a nerd after my own heart. I get shamed by my comment typos, too. As a former editrix should be, I suppose.

Hope you have/had a great birthday, Erin!