03 December 2007

Music Monday: Black Tie Dynasty

So Erin asked me to please pimp a deserving American band in today's space; a difficult request, considering that I usually only deign to listen to bands with British accents. You might be forgiven for thinking that the band I've chosen, Black Tie Dynasty, also comes from the U.K., what with their synth-laden tracks heavily referencing '80s New Wave, but instead they hail from my hometown of Fort Worth, Texas. I've seen these guys perform twice - once at a grocery store (no kidding), and once at an outdoor music festival, and both times they brought everyone to their feet with their darkly danceable tunes. Think of them as The Killers before Brandon Flowers grew that moustache. Black Tie Dynasty's debut CD, Movements, is out now. Check out their tracks on their MySpace, and watch the video for "Once Around" below.

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