12 November 2007

Welcome; Voxtrot

Hi. Welcome to our blog. I am no good at introductory posts or, in fact, manners, so let's just pretend that I have verbally rolled out the welcome mat for you all. We shall agree that I inquired after your health, complimented your sweater/hair/shoes/mustache, and that I was incredibly witty and urbane and you were charmed by me.

Okay? Great.

So, it's Monday, which is generally a Thing I Don't Love, not that my ire is particularly surprising or unique. Does anyone love Mondays? Do you think there is someone out there who is like, "Awesome! Monday! I can't wait to deal with that mound of paperwork at the office! Man, sitting around all weekend and having fun with friends and family is for losers!" Perhaps people who love their jobs feel like that. I wouldn't know.

But, as I was saying, it's Monday, which means it's time for me to wax poetic about some band or singer that I think more people should enjoy. I was trying to decide who today's band would be, but I couldn't concentrate because I had a Voxtrot song stuck in my head and it just wouldn't go away, not even when I plugged up my ears and sang "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" under my breath. That's some powerfully engaging music, there, when it can even outlast ditties debating the relative dietary habits of gift hippos who live in garages.

Voxtrot are a five-piece indie band from Austin, TX (my old stomping grounds), who sound more like they should be from Sheffield or something. They've been around for a few years, but they're finally starting to get some publicity. Sadly for me, this seems to entail them spending all their time touring England in lieu of sticking around Texas. Then my friend Kaisa sends me emails about their gigs over in London and how she's stayed out till 5 am the night before because the band can't seem to find their way around Shoreditch. It's the email equivalent of her sticking her tongue out at me and saying, "Na na, I stole your charming indie band; can't have them back!"

I may be editorializing, slightly.

But if you're in the mood for bouncy, fun indie rock that will have you singing along, hours later when you are TRYING to get some damn work done, Voxtrot is for you. Just, for fuck's sake, if you are so unfortunate as to live somewhere outside of the great Republic of Texas, give them back when you're done.


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