27 November 2007

"She'll snap you like a Twiglet."

"Or kill me and make it look like suicide."

On the list of Things I Love, indie/pop music, television, comedy, gay men and Jews rank really high. So it's no wonder that I would adore BBC2's Nevermind the Buzzcocks, a pop quiz panel show about music. It's recently returned for its 21st season, and I couldn't be more glad.

The recipe for NMtB is this: take one snarky, perturbed host (former host Mark Lamarr or current host Simon Amstell), two panel captains (in the forms of Phill Jupitus and Bill Bailey - although currently The Mighty Boosh's Noel Fielding is filling in for Bailey) and four guests who are usually comedians, musicians or celebrities of some kind. Occasionally, they are lemonade well drillers. Mix with that a healthy dose of irreverance, trivia about pop acts both current and former, really pathetic music interpretations and musicians who don't know the lyrics to their own songs and, et voila! You have one of my favorite television shows.

This season got off to a slightly rocky start because one of the panel guests was Kimberley Stewart (see: Rod Stewart; child of, and Paris Hilton; friend of) and whilst several jokes were made at her expense, they did not cancel out the fact that I had to look at her for a half-hour. But last week's episode was much better - the always delightful Ryan Jarman (of The Cribs) discussed his grammar prowess, David Cross (Arrested Development, Mr. Show with Bob and David) displayed an almost-freaky level of knowledge about fellow guest Jermaine Jackson's religious affiliations, and lots of jokes were made at both Michael Jackson and Courtney Love's expense (see above quote).

NMtB airs on BBC2 on Thursday nights. Watch and laugh.

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