19 March 2009

you think it's like this, but really it's like this

First off, hi, welcome back, sorry I've been crap at updating this thing. Blame laziness; I certainly do.

So as you may know, I'm currently at south by southwest, which is pretty much my favorite time of the year. There's something for everyone, from the music to the drinking to the making fun of tragic hipsters. Good times.

Today I stood in line for a very long time so that I could get into Fader's party to see Graham Coxon. For those who don't know who he is (or weren't friends with 15 year old Erin), he's the guitarist from Blur. And is amazing. He's releasing a solo album (about, in short, a boy who goes off to war, goes a bit mad, dies, is brought back to life and guided by the spirit of Madea, who, according to Mr Coxon, got a bum rap in Jason and the Argonauts. "Jason was a twat.") and is at south by to promote it.

The set wasn't spectacular, but that's entirely owing to the shitty sound. But even though I could BARELY HEAR HIM (and i was standing next to the stage), I could still tell that the album was going to be lovely. This opinion was validated when I later heard two cuts off the album.

After Graham's set, my sxsw partner in crime and I saw Graham doing a spot for a radio show. He came out and my friend Courtney started talking to him, and then I did that thing I do. Which is, basically, insulting musicians on accident.

Courtney and I have a running joke about my inability to hold a conversation with someone who is in a band without insulting them in some way. It's not something I try to do, and I'm always left thinking, "why the hell did I just say that?" Esp. when it's someone that I've loved for years. But nevertheless, when I meet a musician, out comes some crazy bitchiness.

I think the problem is that my mind is at war with itself. I want to treat musicians like they're regular ole' people - because they are - but at the same time I'm completely filled with awe at their talent. So that gets jumbled up in my head and what comes out of my mouth is less "It was a pleasure to meet you" and more "why do you suck so very badly at life?"

At any rate, Graham, if ever you should read this, I'm sorry that I inferred that life had basically stopped for you now that you've turned 40. If it's any consolation, you look more adorable at 40 than I looked at 4.

More news tomorrow, as well as thoughts on the inherant problems of listening to bonin' music whilst in a church.


Meredith said...

Ahhh, but they love the insulting. You know they do. It's just a matter of hours for you before Graham becomes your "camp" boyfriend. Camp being SXSW in this instance, of course.

Yay, I love the mobile posts! Welcome back, blog!

Erin said...

oh if only we could hold hands tenderly and get to first base.